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Salt Nic Juices


·   Cotton Candy

·   Watermelon

·   Blood Orange Lemonade

·   Strawmelon Taffy

·   Vanilla Custard

·   RY4: Butterscotch Honey Tobacco

·   Grappleberry

·   Blue Razz Lemonade

·   Menthol Ice

·   Munchies: Fruit Cereal

·   Razzlemelon

·   Oops: Mystery Flavor Air Head

Salt Nic Juices



·   Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate Menthol

·   Honeydew Pineapple Cantaloupe Menthol

·   Blueberry Raspberry Lemon

·   Strawberry Pineapple Coconut

·   Citrus Pineapple Orange Soda

·   Watermelon Sour Candy


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